The Camping Town, with its tree-houses “to sleep” and its studio “to create”,  is a place dedicated to hosting and creation. Five individual tree-houses, nested in a common space, reconcile the outside with the inside, allowing intimacy in a shared place. Utopian, primitive and futuristic, this structure hosts people in project, willing for an alternative and creative live. This collective experience is named “Co-Camping”.

Founded by Anne-Dolorès Marcélis to develop performance and Contact-Improvisation dance, Camping Town can be seen as a cross-point between the public and private sphere; nature and culture ; professionals and amateurs. The “Co-Studio” is a shared space where live-performance artists can either work in common or in their own. The Associaiton aims to support alternative housing, human-animal cohabitation and creative move with animals, relational "contact improvisation" (men/women - parents-children...).

Our treehouses are open to artists, amateurs of alternative lifestyles and visitors to experience an alternative way of living in a shared space.
Info and prices:


By becoming a member of Camping Town you support our association and it's artistic projects (i.e. Co-Camping, workshops, residencies...).


The Co Studio is a time-space dedicate to individual work in a shared space as a “co-working”. Next to the Co-Working, the Studio is available for Private Use. It is open to artists and non-artists looking for a space to develop their own practive in the fields of : contact dance improvisation, life performance, multidisciplinary arts. With the Co-Studio, we aime to encourage the practice of “Co Existing”, which means to perceive the work of the others with no necessary being influenced or included in it. Next the Co Working Studio (Co Studio), it is possible to rent the space for private session.


Founder Anne Dolorès Marcélis tells us more about Contact Improvistion and about Camping Towns activities.


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14, Rue de la Comète,

1210 Brussels

Stop: Botanique

Metro: 2 and 6

Trams: 92 and 93

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